Sunday, 17 March 2013

Blood lines

 While debate rages over whether this or that race of demi-humans and humanoids can interbreed, folklore is full of characters with just a tinge of the “other” in their blood. Sometimes family legend tells of a fling with the otherworldly in the family tree, an entanglement with the divine or an encounter with the magical.
However it came to be, some characters seem just a little bit apart.

Blood lines are an easy way to give characters a slightly different feel, particularly in a human-centric or human-only campaign.
The effects of a blood line is generally very minor. To account for it's presence, simply raise the experience point requirement to reach level 2 by 100 points, and raise level 3 by 200 points.

As always, not every option should be considered equal in every campaign, even if such was desirable. The abilities are generally fairly minor, have low chances of activating or are otherwise limited in their effect. As always, the DM will want to review any options before permitting them in his games.

Troll blood
After 8 hours of rest, the character has a 25% chance of regaining 1 hit point in addition to any regained by resting normally.

Ogre blood
The character receives a +1 reaction roll bonus from goblinoids.

Fey blood
Upon reaching level 3, the DM may select a first level magic user spell that the character can cast for free, once per day. The spell should be one that is not specifically a combat spell.

Wolf blood
The character has a knack for finding his way in the wilderness. If the character would otherwise be lost, he has a 25% chance of finding the right direction. This takes 10 minutes and can be attempted every 2 hours.

Divine ancestry
At experience levels 2, 3 and 5, the character receives +1 hit point to his total.

Mark of the dragon
The character has an innate magic resistance of 10% against any elemental type of magic (this includes fire, water, earth, air as well as frost and electricity)

Mark of the sorcerer
The character receives a +1 bonus to saving throws against charm type of magic.

Raven touch
The character needs 2 hours rest per night less than normally required.