Monday, 18 March 2013

Armour restrictions. A few thoughts.

As is traditional, Fighting men and clerics may wear any armour types, as they are both of a martial stature to some extent.

Of the traditional classes, the thieves are generally limited to leather while magic users may not wear armour at all.

For simplicity, and archetype enforcement, this is quite fine, but other options could be examined:

I'd prevent either from the use of plate armour. To move effectively, and be able to fight and maximize the protection of this will take some training and skill. Squeezing an untrained man into such a suit of armour will basically grant him the movement loss of plate armour, while gaining protection only as chain mail.

A thief that is not intending to do any thieving could wear chain mail. This will prevent the use of any of his thieving skills, except ones that are purely observational or mental in nature.
Due to lack of physical training, a thief wearing chain armour for extended periods of time will suffer fatigue, suffering perhaps a -1 to attack rolls after 2 hours or so.

For a magic user, who is even less accustomed to physical knavery, leather armour is wearable, but will prevent any spell casting due to it's encumbrance. Chain mail is wearable for very short durations of time, maybe an hour or so, after which fatigue penalties would start to accumulate rapidly.

Note that a low Strength or Constitution will increase the threat of fatigue, according to the DM's perception. This is avoided by clerics and fighting men due to their training.

A thief or magic user with a shield would gain no benefits from using it, due to a lack of familiarity and training.