Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A sample adventuring area

Today, we'll do a quick example of an urban adventuring area, generated using the City Plot generator and the Character motivations tables.

The town of Kur, near the southern border of the empire will be the home base for an intrepid adventuring party.

 We want the place to be pretty bustling, so we decide to go with 3 factions for the area. Rolling, we get:
Philosophical Movement
Merchant or Craft guild.

As a frontier region, it stands to reason that there'd be plenty of trade passing through. We'll go ahead and assume that the merchants by and large run the place, hiring people as they need to keep things safe and moving along. The church has a stronghold here as well, which they use as a basis for missionary work in the frontier regions.
What of the philosophical movement? Maybe a pro-democratic movement that has become fashionable with the intellectual elite? A sort of fantasy-medieval liberalism.

Okay, so with our factions, we need some conflicts. We decide to go with 3 of them to have the place be interesting.
First roll is "random faction run by insane leader". The roll indicates the merchants guild. The boss of the guild has lost his mind, and is trying to turn everything into a financial transaction. This is likely what spurred the "democratic" movement.
Second roll is tension and rivalry between 2 factions. Rolling, we get that the rivalry is in fact between church and merchants. Maybe the church is objecting to what it sees as spiritually damaging "rule of money".
For our last conflict, a random faction has been forced underground.
The roll here is the church.
Now things just got interesting. Underworld preachers spreading the word amongst the downtrodden and the crime gangs? Guild-men patrolling the streets? Intellectuals discussing democracy while enforcers fight it out in the alleys?

The city just became a really interesting place!

We will throw in three acquaintances as well. The characters will need people to connect with, to survive here.
Our first contact can provide shelter.He's connected to the church, so likely a low ranking missionary that is taking in stragglers who can't pay the "housing fees".
Father Silvar's motivation is Curiosity about wealth, at the expected level of intensity. The church has always taken an analytical approach to the world, and Silvar largely follows this, as he has been raised to do.

Our second contact can provide rare items. He is also a church man, so possibly a supplier of various herbs and minor blessed trinkets?
His motivations is a shame towards influence, which is a life goal. Maybe a radical anarchist, who wants to liberate all men from their oppressors? Could turn interesting if the church manages to get on top and becomes a ruling force.

Our last contact is a trainer, so probably a place to go learn useful skills. Maybe as simple as level up training. An old adventurer perhaps?
For motivation, we roll pride in wealth, also as a life goal. Definately an old adventuring sort, who understands the gleam of gold.

Starting from scratch, we now have a hotbed of intrigue and urban mischief for the heroes to get into. Not bad!