Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Commoner class

Another double-feature, while I am getting people lured in :)

This is written with Labyrinth Lord type of play in mind.

Commoner (Fighter)
Prime requisite: CON
Hit dice: D8
Advances as: Fighter
Attacks as: Fighter
Saves as: Fighter
Weapons permitted: Dagger, staff, spear, clubs and maces, sling
Armour permitted: Leather. Upon reaching level 5 may use chain mail and shields.
Magical items permitted: Any permitted to fighters

Your folks back home should see you now. Sure, you aren't a great hero, but you've seen things like old man Higgins used to talk about, when people gave him a few coppers.

It's not unusual for a farm hand or stable boy to end up in an adventurers retinue. Sometimes they learn the craft of fighting or thieving, or find they had magical reserves they never suspected. Others never become quite so glamorous, but they find themselves becoming the foundation of many an adventuring group nevertheless.

Resilient: A life of backbreaking labour has made you hard. Commoners receive 1 extra hit point at every even level (2, 4, 6, 8 etc.) In addition, Commoners will receive a +1 saving throw bonus against Death, Poison and any type of disease.

Common sense: Sometimes a lack of appreciation for the finer things in life can keep you grounded. Receive +2 to saving throws against charm, hypnosis and any other mental intrusions.

Cooking: Someone has to cook the food. If a commoner cooks the party's food, each ration will count as 1.2 rations consumed, allowing the group to save food. The commoner must spend 30 minutes (3 turns) preparing the food and must have access to a fire.

Not a trained warrior: Commoners can brawl just fine, but tend to lack the finer tactical skills of a true man at arms. For this reason, special combat options that are available to fighters are not usable by a commoner.

Just another commoner: If in a crowd, a commoner has a 25% chance of avoiding notice, if he attempts to simply fit in. This goes up to 35% if the commoner carries no weapons

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