Sunday, 24 February 2013

Narrative injuries

An idea a friend of mine suggested to me was to have a "rolemaster" style critical hit system for OD&D, but to leave out the rules parts, except as the DM rules based on specific situations.

You can apply these any time a player takes a "heavy hit". The DM must decide what constitutes a heavy hit. It could be natural 20's, max damage rolls, hits that reduce the character to their last few hit points, or other ideas.

Roll a D20. Apply rules as you see fit, and as needed, if you feel they are needed. If you want to just use it for roleplay purposes, then you're all set as well

1: Light injuries to arm
2: Light injuries to leg
3: Severe pain when moving
4: Intense agony for short period
5: Dazed and confused
6: Hard to maintain balance
7: Persistent bleeding
8: Will have minor scars
9: Will ache in bad weather
10: Will have dramatic scars
11: Arm severely injured
12: Leg severely injured
13: Shaky and uncertain
14: Looks worse than it is
15: Facial scar
16: Hand injured
17: Cowed
18: Panicked
19: Surge of adrenaline
20: Berserk rage

Like this or do you use a different critical system? Let me know what you do.